Is this thing on?

Hi! If you are reading this, you probably already know me. And you probably already know that yesterday was my 31st birthday. 31 is kind of a lame birthday. 29 is the last year of your 20s, so that’s exciting. 30 is the first year of your 30s, so that’s exciting. 31 is just…..bleh. So, I’m changing that! I’m going on a journey of doing 31 things in my 31st year. Some of these things are goals I am setting for myself, some are just things I really want to do that I have been putting off, some are boring but necessary, and some are just random. I like to prove to myself I can do things, and I really don’t like to fail, so I’m putting all this out there to keep myself accountable. And hopefully to have a nice little journey to look back on when I turn 32! Disclaimer: I have no clue how to work a blog so, that might be an adventure in itself…

  1. Make a donation to a charity at least once a month. I don’t do this enough. It won’t be any large amounts of money because mama is on a budget, but I think its important to give a little because I really have been blessed with a lot.
  2. Send actual birthday cards to family and friends. Because who doesn’t like getting mail that isn’t bills?
  3. Get organized! Keep up with a calendar. For more than one month.
  4. Get CCS certified. Its a work thing. Its boring. I’ve had the study guide for months, but not the motivation.
  5. Read more books. Like maybe finish the books that have been sitting on my shelf, to start with…
  6. Take an exercise class. With other humans.
  7. Grow something and keep it alive. This may be the most challenging one on the list.
  8. Girls’ trip!
  9. Cook an actual meal at least twice a week. 
  10. Take one kid per month on a date. I need to spend more one on one time with my babies while they are still “babies.”
  11. Take a class or learn something new. I still haven’t decided what this will be.
  12. Stop putting time and energy into people who don’t reciprocate. Just. Stop.
  13. Be confident.
  14. Volunteer.
  15. Put up pictures in my house. I have so many pictures but I’m too lazy to get them printed and hung up. I’ve been here a year. I need to get it together.
  16. Make and go to annual doctor and dentist appointments. Snore.
  17. Spend less time on social media. I figure this will work itself out while I’m spending time doing all the list stuff….right????
  18. Do something scary. I have something in mind for this but I’m too scared to put it in print, yet. I’m not ready for that level of commitment.
  19. Finish my bachelor’s degree. This is actually already in progress!!!!
  20. Meet Jennifer Morrison. I feel like this might be cheating a little because I already have this trip planned, but, its one of the things I am looking forward to the most this year.
  21. Make sure my kids get to see snow. Even if we have to go to the snow. Which we probably will.
  22. Finish another 30 day yoga challenge. or 2. or 3.
  23. Keep my car clean. Ok, I lied. This might be the most challenging one.
  24. Drink more water. Ugh.
  25. Take a random day off of work and do nothing. I’m excited for this!
  26. See as many musicals as possible. I have a list in my head already.
  27. Spend more time outside. I’m a hermit. I need to get out of my house more often.
  28. Make an investment. Not necessarily in the stock market.
  29. Complete a New Orleans food bucket list. I had a list of the things you have to eat in New Orleans before you die, so I need to find that. And at least make a dent in it.
  30. Get a tattoo. I mean technically this could also go under “do something scary” because I’m legit terrified. 
  31. Keep up with this blog. Because that’s a goal in itself!


There we go!! I think its a pretty achievable list and I’m excited to get started! I’ll be documenting my journey with pictures and videos, if I can learn how to use this blog-thing. Maybe I’ll use that to cross #11 off my list?



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