what a week

This week. You guys. I am so glad its over.

I had a migraine all week. Its been a while since I’ve had such an unrelenting one. I think I got it knocked out today, but now I have the dreaded postdrome…aka, migraine hangover. Somehow I managed to make a little progress on the list, though, so as much I want to be in my bed right now, I want to get it documented.

#1 Make a donation to a charity at least once a month. When I was checking out at CVS this week, they asked if I wanted to make a $1 donation to the American Heart Association. Not a huge donation, but I guess every little bit helps, right? I will probably do another one before the end of the month.


#3 Get organized. I bought a calendar! Do you know how stressful calendar shopping is??? There isn’t much on it, just because I’m been hiding under my covers every chance I got this week, but…progress! Also, I plan to make this section of my wall sort of a planning center, with a dry erase board for my to do lists and another, smaller calendar for bills.


#10 Take one kid per month on a date. Well I took both of them out together this time. I kept the phone off (except to take this picture) and we ate the BEST MAC AND CHEESE ON THE PLANET (seriously…Iron Horse Bar and Grille in Hammond. Yummmm) and had lovely conversation. I love how much they love each other.

#16. Make and go to annual doctor and dentist appointments. I went to the dermatologist this week. I haven’t been in 4 years. Oops. My face has been extremely dry and painful since I had strep throat 4 weeks ago. Apparently it kicked off a rosacea flare. So, I am now the proud owner of three things to put on my face that all smell like rotten garbage. When I go back in a month for my re-check I will get my whole body skin check. Fun stuff.


#19 Finish my bachelor’s degree. My classes are scheduled and I’m waiting on financial aid because….aren’t they always the last ones to get their stuff together? Ugh. I literally do not know how I am going to do this but….it will happen. It will.

I think that wraps up my week. Not the most fascinating by a long shot but….progress has been made!!!

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